About Ashley Lodge No. 681
Ashley Lodge is located at 105 N. Main in Bailey, Texas. The Lodge was chartered December 12, 1889 by the Grand Lodge of Texas, and currently has 42 members. The original building was destroyed in an accidental fire and was replaced by the building pictured here, which was one of the first buildings approved by the Grand Lodge of Texas to be built as a single story. Click here for more Lodge history.

 Masonic Charity
Charities Supported by Ashley Lodge

The following are charties which receive support from the donations and fundraisers of Ashley Lodge:

  • Masonic Home and School of Texas - The Masonic Home and School of Texas was established in 1889 by the Masons of Texas to provide for continuing care of masonic widows and the education of masonic orphans. The ideal of putting children first and the generous support of Texas Masons across the state have enabled the Home and School to grow to providing educational opportunities for masonic and non-masonic orphans and needy children from all parts of the state.
  • Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children - The concern of Dr. William Beall Carrell and a group of Texas Masons over the growing polio epidemic led to the creation of the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children. The Texas Masons raised the funds to build and open a hospital, enabling Dr. Carrell to continue treating his growing polio caseload free of charge. The continuation of this vision allows the hospital to provide quality medical care to children regardless of their ability to pay and keeping alive the philosophy of "putting children first".
  • Shriners Hospital - The Shriners Hospital of Galveston is one of a network of pediatric speciality hospitals dedicated to providing excellent free medical to children. The hospital in Galvestion provides for the acute care, reconstruction and rehabilitation of burned children with no charge to the patient or family for the medical services provided.
  • Scholarship Fund - Texas Masons have a rich history in education. As early as 1848, the Grand Lodge of the Republic of Texas provided for an education and charity fund and appointed a superintendant of education. Realizing the importance of education to the future of Texas, many Masonic Lodges opened schools and most met in the Lodge building itself. It is generally recognized that our Texas free public school system was conceived and established by the Texas Masonic Lodges. In the spirit of continuing this heritage of education, Masonic Lodges set aside a portion of the money received from donations and fundraising events to provide a scholarship award to a deserving youth in their district.
  • Public Schools - As previously mentioned, Texas Masons and Masonic Lodges are credited with establishing the free public school system currently providing educational opportunities to our youth. Masons continue to be deeply involved in the public school system to promote quality eductation for our children. Progams such as Together Against Drug Abuse and Texas Reads promote education and mentoring of Texas youth.
  • Community Service - Texas Masons are very active in their communities providing valuable services and contributions to the community. They provide aid and assistance to the aged, sponsor food drives to provide non perishable food for the needy, sponsor blood drives and a variety of charity fundraisers to mention only a few.
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